Welcome to The Feminist Centre for Racial Justice (FCRJ)

FCRJ focuses on the majority world as geographies from which to build feminist imaginaries of “race”. The centre brings together fields of enquiry that have developed in parallel: feminist theories on power, protests and change, studies of diasporas, critical race theories and migration studies.

Our Approach

FCRJ’s approach is anchored in a research, test and reflection cycle that is central to how synergies between research and movement building are built and become evidenced. We aim to become a global point of reference for transnational knowledge and movement building for racial justice. To do so, we are forging a transnational understanding of racial justice by producing critical research to understand a problem (racism) and test strategies and knowledges produced by feminist and indigenous movements (racial justice).

Our Aims


Recentre the global South as a primary site from which to reframe global narratives on racialised and intersectional gender justice.


Produce an archive of Indigenous feminist methodologies derived from studying and working with movements engaged in long term pathbreaking racial justice work.


Defy problematic scholarly and geographical binaries that have obscured work on gender and race across time and space.


Foreground the transnational nature of emerging political cultures and forms of protest and solidarity.


FCRJ is guided by four interlocking streams of work.

  1. 1 Mapping spaces of protest and solidarity.
  2. 2 Understanding practices of surveillance, containment, and their gendered and racialized underpinnings,
  3. 3 Co-creating gender and racial justice imaginaries.
  4. 4 Building multi-disciplinary sites to convene ideas, people, and solidarity practices.