Research Collaboratory

Transnational action research between academics and social justice movements around FCRJ’s interconnected fields of inquiry. Our goal is to co-create research methodologies and outcomes that cultivate racially just worlds.

Empowering Voices: Unraveling the Journey of African Migrant Domestic Workers to the Arab World

An interdisciplinary research project that delves into the experiences of African female domestic workers migrating to Jordan and Lebanon

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Queer and trans exiles: Dis/connections of home

The Centre of Intimate Sexual Citizenship at the University of Essex in partnership with TRANSformar.moz in Maputo, Grupo Conexão G in Rio de Janeiro, filmmaker Kurt Orderson and partners at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro as well as NIREMA at PUC, propose an arts-based inquiry – an interdisciplinary approach of creative participatory action research that centres on documentary filmmaking, where creativity becomes the vocabulary or medium through which research is engaged with.

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Imagining Just Healthcare: A Feminist Approach to Data-driven Lessons From a Community Centred Method to Enhance and Enable Healthcare Access for Marginalised LGBT+ People

Our project is a pilot study that flips from top-down approaches where government and policymakers impose what they think is best for communities to a bottom-up system where a marginalised community is able to create its own advocacy for healthcare access at a grassroots level.

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Theatre of Climate Action: Amplifying Youth Voices for Climate Justice in Guadeloupe and South Africa

Young people make up a fifth of the world’s population (United Nations, 2019), and are disproportionately experiencing the worst consequences of the climate crisis. In this context, young people of Global Majority communities are exercising collective agency and resisting oppressive systems to envision and enact just and equitable futures.

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Women’s symbolic prisons-agencies: a Latin American-Middle Eastern dialogue

In the project, we use the concept of “prison” as a visual metaphor to discuss women’s symbolic colonial-modern-patriarchal-capitalist punitiveness and oppression in everyday life, in a context that produces historical and contemporary injustices.

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A Comparative Analysis of the Intersection of Decolonial Feminism and Healing Practices in Namibia and Colombia

At the heart of this project is understanding how decolonial feminism can present and ameliorate gender biases and inequality in relation to reparations.

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Convocatoria de Propuestas para Proyectos de Investigación Transnacionales

El Centro Feminista por la Justicia Racial (Feminist Centre for Racial Justice) busca apoyar cinco proyectos de investigación transnacionales en dieciocho meses de duración. Estos cinco proyectos explorarán y analizarán las problemáticas interseccionales de la raza en relación con uno de los cinco temas centrales de la convocatoria. El objetivo de esta colaboración es desarrollar relaciones transnacionales y compartir conocimientos que conduzcan a la expansión de estrategias feministas, d

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Call for Transnational Research Project Proposals

The Feminist Centre for Racial Justice is looking to support five, eighteenmonth transnational research projects. These five projects will explore and resist intersectional problematics of race in relation to one of the call’s five core themes. The aim of this collaboration is to develop transnational relationships and shared knowledge, leading to the expansion of feminist, decolonial, and Indigenous strategies supporting self-determination and liberation.

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